Friday, April 13, 2012

Warrior (GSW) fans shouln't give up hope on this team next year

Well, we've come to the final eight games of the season, and the Warriors have yet again disappointed us faithful fans. It seems as if we should give up on this team. But wait! The Warriors are under a new ownership, and it looks as if we might be a tough team to beat next year. Most fans are not happy with new owner Joe Lacob for trading star guard Monta Ellis away. Lacob has only been the owner for a short period. Give him some more time, and he will fulfill all his promises of having a winning franchise. We've finally acquired a big man, Andrew Bogut who can score the basketball. With the rise of rookie Klay Thompson, the continuing brilliance of David Lee, and all-star point guard Stephen Curry, the dubs look like they have it all together. Now all they need is for their fans to maintain their faithfulness.
Predictions for next year:
Bogut, Curry, Thompson, Lee, and maybe Wright will be starting and averaging double digits. This starting lineup seems like it could work for the warriors with Richard Jefferson and Brandon Rush coming off the bench. 

5 Important Things The Warriors Must do in these Final Games and the off season:

1. Limit David Lee's playing time:
     Lee continues to shine, and he's been working all season long. Now, with the playoffs out of reach, we should give more time to rookies such as Chris Wright and Jeremy Tyler. The time has come for them to show us what they've got and be legit options next year.

2. Play Charles Jenkins more:
     It doesn't seem likely that the Warriors will resign Nate Robinson. He's been a high energy player off the bench for us, but Charles Jenkins has proven that he has the capability to back up Curry. With his stunning 27-point performance against the Blazers, he's shown all of us what he's made of.

3. Continue to play rookie Klay Thompson:
     From the 11th pick in the NBA draft to possible rookie of the year, Klay has come along nicely. In fact, the reason the Warriors daringly traded Ellis is because of this kid's scoring numbers prior to the trade. He puts up 11 on the season, but in the last couple of months, he's been averaging over 14 ppg, and impressed everyone. He can provide the scoring that the Warriors require. He is already one of NBA's best sharpshooters, leading rookies in 3-point %. If Klay can continue to play at this high level, he has the potential to have a great NBA career.

4. Re-sign Brandon Rush:
     This one I cannot stress or reiterate enough. How did we get this guy again? Oh yeah, we traded Rush for Louis Amundson. Wait? Who's that? Oh yeah that guy on the bench pretty much all of last year. Brandon Rush is a phenomenal three point shooter, and he can score off the dribble, while also providing stellar defense. I can't see any logical reason for the Warriors to not re-sign this guy. He does make the occasional mistake, but who doesn't? He's a great player, a valuable asset, and yet another weapon for GS.

5. Get Richard Jefferson more accustomed to the offense: 
     In his prime, Jefferson was one of the NBA's elite scorers, leading the New Jersey Nets to the playoffs more than once, along with Vince Carter. He played as a clutch player, and was very energetic. Generally, your energy fades as your age gets higher. Jefferson is still clearly capable of scoring well over 10 ppg and could sit at a season average of 14 next year. This is another thing the warriors are looking for. A bench player who can score at will, and be a deadly weapon. If he get more used to the Warriors offensive flow, he will be a nice fit for them.